Monday, March 9, 2009

Time to Walk the Talk!

Well, I try to be all about the healthy food for my son. I am not perfect and sometimes go for convenience over the healthy choice. So in an effort to plan ahead and not be caught heading for the bakery for a not so certain what's inside type sugar treat for my son's birthday, I am deciding what to bring now. Yes, I really do have that much time right now to plan these things.

So I have decided to bring fruit kabobs. The little guy loves fruit and can be known to eat a whole fresh pineapple, so it is something he likes. The kabobs make it fun and cute. I was thinking of devonshire cream for the dip but that is really sugary too and kind of defeats the purpose of healthy, so I think vanilla yogurt (also a favorite of the little guy) will be a good dip. of life's little events planned.

The above picture shows using straws as the skewer which I think I will do since kids and sticks=bad!

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  1. Good idea! My son likes fruit also. It's a good thing since we can't get him to eat any veggies!